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The role of Common Knowledge in achieving Collaboration across Practices

Working across practice boundaries on complex societal problems is now commonplace. Yet we know relatively little about what enables it to happen successfully. One analytic challenge for studies of inter-professional work is to understand what mediates collaboration across the boundaries … Continue reading

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Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration

Innovation, sustainability, and collaboration are all related in their efforts to manage multiple dimensions of organizational and institutional policies and practices. This book provides an overview of the three topics and their relative importance to overall advancement of sustainability through … Continue reading

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Collaborative Leadership: Emergence of Interactional Sense-Making Process as a Complex System

The article aims at explicating the emergence of human interactional sense‐making process within educational leadership as a complex system. The kind of leadership is understood as a holistic entity called collaborative leadership. There, sense‐making emerges across interdependent domains, called attributes of collaborative leadership. … Continue reading

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Collaborative Relationships and Dialogic Conversations

Knowledge and language are contextualized social, cultural, historical, and communal processes. Creating theories, ideas, truths, beliefs, realities, or how-tos is an interactive interpretive process of social discourse that occurs within knowledge communities and is produced in language; all parties contribute … Continue reading

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