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Distributed Creativity: How Collective Creations Emerge From Collaboration

Creativity is often considered to be a mental process that occurs within a person’s head. In this article, we analyze a group creative process: One that generates a creative product, but one in which no single participant’s contribution determines the … Continue reading

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Cognitive Processes in Individual and Collective Creativity

Creativity, the highest level of human wisdom, has become an increasingly important concept in different fields of psychological inquiry, particularly because it is portrayed as contributing to many aspects of society, including personal development, economic prosperity and technological advancement. However, although considerable research attention … Continue reading

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Collective Creativity: Exploring Creativity in Social Network Development as Part of Organizational Learning

Creativity in organizations has become a key topic of organizational research. This work expands on existing research by exploring creativity in the dynamics of social networks. Collective creativity is introduced as a central part of organizational learning and seen as … Continue reading

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Collective Creativity – Art and Society

Collective Creativity offers an analysis of the explosion of artistic creativity currently taking place on the South Pacific island of Rarotonga. By exploring the construction of this art-world through the ways in which creativity and innovation are linked to social … Continue reading

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Experiencing Creativity in the Organization: From Individual Creativity to Collective Creativity

For creative organizations, the ideas and insights of their employees are of crucial importance. Most of the creativity research concentrates only on individual aspects of creativity. This paper also stresses the collective aspect of creativity in the organization. It studies … Continue reading

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Creative Collaborations From Afar – The Benefits of Independent Authors

The number of times that an article is cited has served as an indicator of both its creativity and impact. In this study, we investigated the relationship between citations and 2 very simple variables—the number of authors and the number … Continue reading

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Collective Creativity: Collaborative Work in the Sciences, Literature and the Arts

“Collective Creativity” combines complex and ambivalent concepts. While ‘creativity’ is currently experiencing an inflationary boom in popularity, the term ‘collective’ appeared, until recently, rather controversial due to its ideological implications in twentieth-century politics. In a world defined by global cultural … Continue reading

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