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Acculturation: a Review of the Literature

Literature related to the cultural adaptation of strangers to a new culture is examined. Definitions, models and cultural studies are discussed. The article concludes with an assessment of communication variables contributing to acculturation among immigrants. Communication is viewed as the … Continue reading

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Dances with Bees: Exploring the Relevance of the Study of Animal Communication to Informatics

This paper describes part of a larger body of theoretical work which provides a new perspective on the nature of informatics, an umbrella term used to stand for the overlapping disciplinary areas of Information Systems, Information Management and Information Technology. … Continue reading

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The Interactive Evolution of Human Communication Systems

This paper compares two explanations of the process by which human communication systems evolve:  iterated learning and social collaboration. It then reports an experiment testing the social collaboration account. Participants engaged in a graphical communication task either as a member … Continue reading

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The emergence and role of strong ties in time-varying communication networks

In most social, information, and collaboration systems the complex activity of agents generates rapidly evolving time-varying networks. Temporal changes in the network structure and the dynamical processes occurring on its fabric are usually coupled in ways that still challenge our … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and Socialization: on Luhmann’s reconceptualization of Communication and Socialization

In 1984, Niklas Luhmann published Soziale Systeme in which he applies the idea of autopoiesis (self-production) to social  systems. Abstracted from its biological connotations, the concept of autopoiesis leads to a sharp distinction between different  kinds of autopoietic organization, i.e. … Continue reading

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The Media Toolbox – Combining Media in Organizational Communication

Much of the research on media use in organizations has tended to focus on the use of one medium in isolation from the other media in the organization.  Yet the proliferation of communication technologies, especially Internet-based technologies, combined with work … Continue reading

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COMMUNEcating in the Spaces In-Between – Creating New Understandings of Organizing and Communicative Practice

This essay describes the authors’ efforts to engage disciplinary calls for greater diversity through the construction of an international online community and conference, COMMUNEcation. They describe the commitments and goals of the community and conference, the construction of the COMMUNEcating … Continue reading

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Diverse Voices and Alternative Rationalities – Imagining Forms of Postcolonial Organizational Communication

In his exploration of nationalism and imagined communities, Anderson claims that nations are “imagined” (that is, they are constructions), insomuch that people are convinced of the comradeship of unknown fellow compatriots, often ignoring any actual inequality and exploitation that exists … Continue reading

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COMMUNEcation: a rhizomatic tale of participatory technology, post-coloniality and professional community

This article explores the authors’ experiences in creating and participating with(in) a virtual conference organized as an experimental virtual network. These experiences demonstrate how physically co-located and virtual conferencing practices acting in tandem provide a greater opportunity for the inclusion … Continue reading

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Communication Power and Counter power in the Network Society

This article presents a set of grounded hypotheses on the interplay between communication and power relationships in the technological context that characterizes the network society. Based on a selected body of communication literature, and of a number of case studies … Continue reading

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