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Rhizome and Central Place Theory

Unplanning has an excellent post that re-introduces Walther Christaller’s venerable Central Place Theory and discusses it continuing role in a low-energy world. The theory, and Unplanner’s post, call into question the validity of a rhizome-lattice structure because such a lattice … Continue reading

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Facilitating Community Building in Learning Networks through Peer Tutoring in Ad-hoc Transient Communities

Learning in a so called Learning Network is particularly attractive to self-directed learners, who themselves decide on their learning program as well as on the timing, pace and place of their studies. However, such learners may easily become isolated, which … Continue reading

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Horizontal Learning – Background, Practice and Possibility

Viewer   The concept of Horizontal Learning can be explored on two fronts: firstly as part of cultural epistemology and, secondly, as a strategic tool for community development. Horizontal learning practices have come to the fore with the re-emergence and … Continue reading

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Local Actors in Global Politics

Globalisation and the new ICTS have enabled a variety of local political actors to enter international arenas once exclusive to national states. Multiple types of claim-making and oppositional politics articulate these developments. Going global has been partly facilitated and conditioned … Continue reading

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Relevance of Geographical Indications and Designations of Origin for the Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources

This study provides a worldwide panorama of current trends in Geographical Indications (GIs) as they relate to biodiversity conservation and rural development, and their potential contributions to poverty, hunger alleviation and environmental goals. When peasant and indigenous producer organizations decide … Continue reading

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Ambient Assisted Living Strategic Research Agenda

Currently there is a vast number of (more or less linked) European and national research activities in the field of AAL involving various technology areas and innovative technology approaches. There is missing however a common vision of AAL that provides … Continue reading

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ICT enabled Independent Living for Elderly

The following study gives a status quo analysis of the research landscape and the availability of products within the scope of information and communication technologies for use by elderly people. It has been performed on behalf of the European Commission, … Continue reading

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