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A cluster-growing dimension of complex networks

The cluster-growing method has been widely used to measure the fractal dimension of complex networks. In this method, a seed node is chosen at random and the number of nodes centered at the seed node is calculated. The procedure is … Continue reading

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Identifying influential nodes in complex networks

How to identify influential nodes in complex networks is still an open issue. In this paper, a new multi-evidence centrality is proposed based on evidence theory. The existing measures of degree centrality, betweenness centrality, efficiency centrality, and correlation centrality are taken into consideration in … Continue reading

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Social Physics: Uncovering Human Behaviour from Communication

In the post year 2000 era the technologies that facilitate human communication have rapidly multiplied. While the adoption of these technologies has hugely impacted the behaviour and sociality of people, specifically in urban but also in rural environments, their “digital … Continue reading

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Large Scale Structure and Dynamics of Complex Networks

The purpose of this volume is twofold. First we intend to provide a snapshot of the forefront research activities in the area of complex networks, provide a good sampling of the disciplines involved, and the kinds of problems that form … Continue reading

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The Structure of Complex Networks: Theory and Applications

This book deals with the analysis of the structure of complex networks by combining results from graph theory, physics, and pattern recognition. The book is divided into two parts. 11 chapters are dedicated to the development of theoretical tools for … Continue reading

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Structural Analysis of Complex Networks

Because of the increasing complexity and growth of real-world networks, their analysis by using classical graph-theoretic methods is oftentimes a difficult procedure. As a result, there is a strong need to combine graph-theoretic methods with mathematical techniques from other scientific … Continue reading

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Structure in Complex Networks

In the modern world of gigantic datasets, which scientists and practioners of all fields of learning are confronted with, the availability of robust, scalable and easy-to-use methods for pattern recognition and data mining are of paramount importance, so as to … Continue reading

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Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics

This book, Analysis of Complex Networks: From Biology to Linguistics, presents theoretical and practical results on graph-theoretic methods that are used for modeling as well as structurally investigating complex networks. Instead of focusing exclusively on classical graph-theoretic approaches, its major … Continue reading

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Growth, Collapse, and Self-organized Criticality in Complex Networks

Network growth is ubiquitous in nature (e.g., biological networks) and technological systems (e.g., modern infrastructures). To understand how certain dynamical behaviors can or cannot persist as the underlying network grows is a problem of increasing importance in complex dynamical systems … Continue reading

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Contagion on Complex Networks with Persuasion

The threshold model has been widely adopted as a classic model for studying contagion processes on social networks. We consider asymmetric individual interactions in social networks and introduce a persuasion mechanism into the threshold model. Specifically, we study a combination … Continue reading

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