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Social Emergence: Distinguishing Reflexive and Non-reflexive Modes

Emergence has a long and controversial history. In this paper we briefly review the primary strands of the debate, paying attention to its use in the fields of philosophy of science and mind, social science and systems theory including the … Continue reading

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A Dynamic Systems View of Economic and Political Theory

Since the Early Modern period, political theory has assumed methodological individualism, similar to the atomistic mechanism that prevailed in physics. This leads to a combinatorial, linear political theory centred on individual actions serving individual interests. Similar trends developed in economics … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and Organizations: A Biological view of Social System Change

For many years we have been concerned with the role that autopoietic theory can play in resolving what is often termed the micro-macro problem in social science. The “micro-to-macro problem” concerns our capacity to explain the relationship between the constitutive … Continue reading

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Complexity: A Guided Tour

It is about the questions that fascinate me and others in the complex systems community, past and present: How is it that those systems in nature we call complex and adaptive—brains, insect colonies, the immune system, cells, the global economy, … Continue reading

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Collaborative Creativity: A Complex Systems Model with Distributed Affect

The study of creativity has received significant attention over the past century, with a recent increase in interest in collaborative, distributed creativity. We posit that creativity in distributed groups is fostered by software interfaces that specifically enable socio-emotional or affective … Continue reading

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Challenges in Complex Systems Science

FuturICT foundations are social science, complex systems science, and ICT. The main concerns and challenges in the science of complex systems in the context of FuturICT are laid out in this paper with special emphasis on the Complex Systems route … Continue reading

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Guided Self-organization in Complex Systems

What makes complex systems so difficult to control is that they have a natural tendency to self-organize, driven by the inherent forces between the system components. Self-organization may have favorable results or undesirable ones, depending on the kinds of interactions … Continue reading

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Responding to Complexity in Socio-economic Systems: How to build a Smart and Resilient Society?

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. And it has changed in a much more fundamental way than one would think, primarily because it has become more connected and interdependent than in our entire history. Every new product, every … Continue reading

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Self-Organization, Emergence, and Constraint in Complex Natural Systems

Contemporary complexity theory has been instrumental in providing novel rigorous definitions for some classic philosophical concepts, including emergence. In an attempt to provide an account of emergence that is consistent with complexity and dynamical systems theory, several authors have turned … Continue reading

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