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Complexity Perspectives in Innovation and Social Change

Innovation is nowadays a question of life and death for many of the economies of the western world. Yet, due to our generally reductionist scientific paradigm, invention and innovation are rarely studied scientifically. Most work prefers to study its context … Continue reading

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Complexity and Ecosystem Management: The Theory and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems

The quality of ecosystems is affected by the actions of different stakeholders who use them in a variety of ways. In order to understand this complex relationship between humans and nature, it is vital to understand the complexity of the … Continue reading

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Complexity, organizations and change

Complexity Science has seriously challenged long held views in the scientific community about how the world works. These ideas, particularly about the living world, also have radical and profound implications for organizations and society as a whole. Complexity, Organizations and … Continue reading

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Coping with Complexity: Child and Adult Poverty

Listening to people talk about their experience of poverty, it is clear that poverty is complex and multi-dimensional. Poverty is more than simply a lack of income. It is the stress caused by the inability to make ends meet, social … Continue reading

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The Change Agent’s Strategy

Surviving and thriving in a multifaceted world requires a multifaceted change strategy. Paraphrasing Ashby’s law of requisite variety, there must be more variety in the change strategy than in the system you are trying to change. So how do we … Continue reading

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The Decision-Making Process for Complex Situations in a Complex Environment

While all decisions are a guess about the future, as complexity builds upon complexity decision-makers must increasingly rely on their intuition and judgment.  This chapter explores the decision-making process for complex situations in a complex environment (complex adaptive messes) in … Continue reading

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Conscious Leadership for Sustainability

What does conscious leadership look like in action? I’ve spent the last two years researching this question, specifically exploring how change agents with complex worldviews design and lead complex change initiatives. The bottom line is that these individuals represent less … Continue reading

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Capitalizing on Complexity

In a world fraught with uncertainty, what are today’s CEOs doing to strengthen their situations against competitors? Previously, CEOs have consistently identified change as their most pressing challenge. Today, CEOs are telling us that the complexity of operating in an … Continue reading

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The Fight of the Century

The decline in resources available to support societal complexity will generate a centrifugal force breaking up existing economic and governmental power structures everywhere. As a result there is a fight brewing—a protracted and intense one, impacting most countries if not … Continue reading

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Complexity Leadership: An Overview and Key Limitations

An overview of the complexity leadership literature is provided. This includes a history of complexity theory and its core concepts, the central propositions of complexity leadership, a review of six prominent frameworks, and a summary of practitioner guidelines. The article … Continue reading

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