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Simulation-Based Learning Environments to Teach Complexity

While public-sector management problems are steeped in positivistic and socially constructed complexity, public management education in the management of complexity lags behind that of business schools, particularly in the application of simulation-based learning. This paper describes a Simulation-Based Learning Environment … Continue reading

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Education at the Edge of Possibility

We are in such a deep global crisis. We will only continue to see more and more effects in our lives from climate change, social inequality, environmental depletion. We are waking up to the realization that there is no economy … Continue reading

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Fitting Teacher Education in/to/for an Increasingly Complex World

Oriented by complexity thinking and informed by a selection of “game-changing” research findings in the educational literature, we describe a set of innovations to a teacher education program. These innovations include broad awareness of theories of learning, specialization across levels, … Continue reading

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Schools and Complexity

In order for complex systems to change sustainably, agents at various levels of those systems must interact with each other, and control must be distributed in such a way as to “promote individual autonomy and enrich communication” amongst the systems’ … Continue reading

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Educating far from Equilibrium: Chaos Philosophy and the Quest for Complexity in Education

It would be futile, John Dewey argued in 1902, to think that we have to choose between child centered, progressive education and traditional, subject-matter-oriented approaches. Calling for adaptivity, he stressed that we need the act of balancing the one with … Continue reading

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Beyond Teaching Methods: A Complexity Approach

A complexivist perspective to teaching critiques the commonplace teaching “methods” and illuminates alternative approaches to teaching and teacher preparation. Focusing on system growth, the mutual influence of systems on one another, and nonlinear connectedness of systems, this paper defines four … Continue reading

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Dr. Edgar Morin: Seven Complex Lessons in Education

Dr. Edgar Morin, an eminent sociologist and philosopher, discusses his work on Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future, addressing themes related to knowledge, identity and shared global challenges. “It is essential to teach and learn and see the … Continue reading

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Complexity and Educational Research – A critical reflection

Judgements concerning proper or appropriate educational endeavour, methods of investigation and philosophising about education necessarily implicate perspectives, values, assumptions and beliefs. In recent years ideas from the complexity sciences have been utilised in many domains including psychology, economics, architecture, social … Continue reading

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Complexity and Education – Self-organizational Pedagogy on the Edge of Chaos

This paper describes our attempt to develop a pedagogical practice informed by the concepts of complexity applied to education. The context of our study was the science methods course within an elementary teacher education program. The practice, described here, has … Continue reading

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Complexity as a Theory of Education

We look toward the transdisciplinary and participatory domain of complexity theory as a means to make sense of the emergent character of educational research—ultimately arguing that complexity theory might be construed as a properly educational theory. We do not regard … Continue reading

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