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Can ecosystems show how to fix the euro?

The eurozone, like the rest of the world economy, is a complex networked system. That gives it properties economists rarely consider but which could help us understand the current crisis. Complex networks have many interconnected components which influence each other’s … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Learning

Have been reading about the science of ‘Complexity’ recently, and find that many of the aspects described apply equally well to learning. Without a doubt, learning is a process that is riddled with complexity – which might the reason we … Continue reading

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The structure of the Web

Read Systems as diverse as the World Wide Web, Internet or the cell are described by highly interconnected networks with amazingly complex topology. Recent studies indicate that these networks are the result of self-organizing processes governed by simple but generic … Continue reading

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Adaptive institutions, governance, complexity, resilience

• Wicked problems • Institutions and the challenge of  “fit‟ • Added value of a resilience lens • Resilience in practice – 1. Institutional response to extreme events – 2. Networked development institutions • Lessons learned and limitations Read

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Complexity and knowledge management: understanding the role of knowledge in the management of social networks

Read Simple “causal and effect” thinking doesn’t seem to be able to cut the mustard.  We need to utilize knowledge in new ways … or maybe uncover insights from old ways. It is hard to think of something more worthy … Continue reading

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