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Social Entrepreneurship and Complexity Science – New Collaboration

This paper looks at how ideas, constructs, methods and insights coming out of systems thinking and the sciences of complex systems can be applied to the study of social entrepreneurship. At present, there is  no one general theoretical perspective that … Continue reading

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The Santa Fe Perspective on Economics: emerging patterns in the Science of Complexity

The complexity approach to economics largely originated from the “Santa Fe Perspective“: the view of a group of scientists working in the Economics Program at the Santa Fe Institute for the Study of Complex Systems. This paper tells the story … Continue reading

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Leadership in Complex Organizations

This paper asks how complexity theory informs the role of leadership in organizations. Complexity theory is a science of complexly interacting systems; it explores the nature of interaction and adaptation in such systems and how they influence such things as … Continue reading

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Applications of Complexity Science for Public Policy

Government officials and other decision makers increasingly encounter a daunting class of problems that involve systems composed of very large numbers of diverse interacting parts. These systems are prone to surprising, large-scale, seemingly uncontrollable, behaviours. These traits are the hallmarks … Continue reading

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Map of Complexity Science

Brian Castellani is a professor of sociology and an expert in the field of complexity studies. His map is a macroscopic, transdisciplinary introduction to the complexity sciences spanning 1940-2015. Moving from left to right, it is read in a roughly … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory and the Sciences of Complexity: Foundations for Transforming Education

An understanding of chaos theory and the sciences of complexity is crucial to systemic transformation of our educational systems to better meet the rapidly changing needs of our children and communities. Helpful concepts include co-evolution, disequilibrium, positive feedback, perturbance, transformation, … Continue reading

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Curriculum Studies Based on Complexity Science

Complexity science is in the forefront of contemporary scientific development; its rise and development triggered the breakthrough and innovation of methodology in scientific research. Curriculum is a complex adaptive system. Complexity curriculum research also includes nonlinearity, uncertainty, self-organization and emergent … Continue reading

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Towards a Global Participatory Platform – Democratising Open Data, Complexity Science and Collective intelligence

The FuturICT project seeks to use the power of big data, analytic models grounded in complexity science, and the collective intelligence they yield for societal benefit. Accordingly, this paper argues that these new tools should not remain the preserve of … Continue reading

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Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences: The State of the Art

For the past two decades, ‘complexity’ has informed a range of work across the social sciences. There are diverse schools of complexity thinking, and authors have used these ideas in a multiplicity of ways, from health inequalities to the organization … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science

Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science provides an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the concepts of complexity theory together with the tools and measures for analyzing complex systems in all fields of science and engineering. The science and … Continue reading

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