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The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media

Book – Social media has come to deeply penetrate our lives: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many other platforms define many of our daily habits of communication and creative production. The Culture of Connectivity studies the rise of social media in … Continue reading

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Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity

In Making is Connecting, David Gauntlett argues that through making things, people engage with the world and create connections with each other. Both online and offline, we see that people want to make their mark on the world, and to … Continue reading

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The Whole is always Smaller than its Parts

Bruno Latour . In this paper we argue that the new availability of digital data sets allows one to revisit Gabriel Tarde‘s (1843–1904) social theory that entirely dispensed with using notions such as individual or society. Our argument is that … Continue reading

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Bruno Latour: Reassembling the Social – an Introduction to Actor-network Theory

Bruno Latour. The argument of this book can be stated very simply: when social scientists add the adjective ‘social’ to some phenomenon, they designate a stabilized state of affairs, a bundle of ties that, later, may be mobilized to account … Continue reading

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Perspectives on a Hyperconnected World – Insights from the Science of Complexity

Every day our world becomes more complex and dynamic. The global population continues to rise with urbanization occurring at an exponential rate. Economic growth brings people from diverse cultures and regions into contact with one another through increased trade and … Continue reading

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Connected? On Experience, Economy, Violence, and Care

This article aims to enhance a dialogue between new ethnographic writing on experience and political economic analysis. It examines the ways in which recent experimental ethnographies and Manuel Castells’s work on information society understand the double-sided, always caring and violent … Continue reading

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Trends in Connectivity Technologies and their Socio-economic Impacts

This report was commissioned by DG INFSO as part of its preparations for the successor programme to i2010 – its current policy framework. It contains the results of the study of the socio-economic impacts of the ‘Ubiquitous Internet Society’ and … Continue reading

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