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Piaget, Vigotski y Maturana, constructivismo a tres voces

El objetivo del presente texto es presentar una síntesis de tres discursos constructivistas que están presentes y son influyentes en el ámbito de la educación, y que a nuestro entender difi~ren en algunos aspectos esenciales respecto de su concepción o … Continue reading

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Some Differences between Maturana and Varela’s Theory of Cognition and Constructivism

The theory of cognition of Varela and Maturana differs in specific aspects from constructivist theories and so should not be seen or interpreted as another form of constructivism. To encourage the emergence of a discussion on important differences between both … Continue reading

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Info-computational Constructivism and Cognition

At present, we lack a common understanding of both the process of cognition in living organisms and the construction of knowledge in embodied, embedded cognizing agents in general, including future artifactual cognitive agents under development, such as cognitive robots and … Continue reading

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Contrasting Piagetian versus Vygotskian Activity Theories of Learning and Development

This paper contrasts the notions of learning, teaching and development as these are conceptualized in two versions of constructivism: the socio-interactional one (in which Piagetian and Vygotskian insights are often merged) versus the one founded by Vygotsky and expanded in … Continue reading

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Critical constructivism primer

Critical constructivism primer The Critical Constructivism Primer introduces education students to the study of knowledge; how it is inscribed by particular values and produced in problematic ways; whose interests it serves; and how it shapes the identities of those who … Continue reading

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