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Creativity & Emergence

How is emergence related to creativity? What does it look like when it happens? Michelle James: I’m not sure how to do that question justice in a few sentences without it either being vague or too reductive, and there can … Continue reading

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Group Creativity – Innovation Through Collaboration

Even though there has been increasing awareness of the importance of social, cultural, contextual, and organizational factors in creativity, there has thus far been much less systematic focus on the group processes related to creativity. This is a serious deficit … Continue reading

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Creativity and Complexity in Cross Functional Teams

Cross functional collaboration, when individuals attempt to integrate their diverse knowledge backgrounds into synergistic solutions, is the intersection of a complex set of factors researched in a variety of fields: psychology, management. social psychology, computer science, design, architecture, and many … Continue reading

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Enhancing Creativity in Group Collaboration

As Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become established tools for communication, organizations increasingly use computer-mediated workgroups to support various business processes and find creative solutions to organizational problems. In such a context, groups’ creative performance can greatly contribute to … Continue reading

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Nurturing Creativity: Assemblages in Human Computer Interaction Design Practices

This paper investigates the emergence and nourishment of group creativity within human-computer interaction design (HCID).  HCID practitioners are groomed within a scientific tradition and primarily perceive themselves as knowledge seekers, rather than creative makers of things. In an effort to … Continue reading

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Training Creative Teams

This master’s project presents creative principles, frameworks, materials, and online methodologies for the development of a new or updated training program within a team environment. Inspiration for the project was sourced from creativity research papers, publicly available training guides, popular … Continue reading

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Connectivity and Innovation through Jazz

Good jazz and high performance business depend on creativity, agility, empathy and flexibility. The similarities don’t end there. The business lessons of jazz focus on high performance teamwork, multitasking, cross-functional awareness, innovation and responsiveness to change. Jazz translates seamlessly across … Continue reading

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Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work

The steady rise of and the Open Source software movement has been one of the big surprises of the 21st century, threatening stalwarts such as Microsoft and Britannica, while simultaneously offering insights into the emergence of large-scale peer production … Continue reading

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Feeling Creative, Being Creative – An Empirical Study of Diversity and Creativity in Teams

Two empirical studies explored objectively measured creative fluency and subjectively perceived creativity in cognitively diverse teams. Results indicate that cognitive diversity may be beneficial for objective functioning but may damage team satisfaction, affect, and members’ impressions of their creative performance. … Continue reading

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W.L.Gore: Lessons from a Management Revolutionary

First, we don’t want to operate in a hierarchy, where decisions have to make their way up to the top and then back down. We’re a lattice or a network, not a hierarchy, and associates can go directly to anyone … Continue reading

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