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Educate for Creativity: New Educational Strategies

Today’s society is no longer integrated on the base of universally-recognized common values and moral rules, but it has produced an immense pluralism of models and behaviours– precursors of the uncertainty and unpretty to gain knowledge of ultimate goals is … Continue reading

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The role of motivation on creativity at school

The present study used a latent variable modeling approach to investigate the influence of motivation on creative achievement in different environments. This was used in conjunction and interaction with other creativity-related predictors, such as openness to new experience and response … Continue reading

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A comprehensive method for the measurement of everyday creativity

This paper introduces a multivariate and theoretically driven measurement scheme for everyday creativity. We start by briefly reviewing classical distinctions (e.g., creative person, process and product; potential and manifest creativity) and examining several instruments for the assessment of creativity. We … Continue reading

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Does socioeconomic status influence student creativity?

In recent years, creativity has been a topic of increased interest in the educational environment. Developing creativity is increasingly viewed as an educational imperative because it drives individual student performance and influences their future success as participants in an economy … Continue reading

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Children’s creativity as a manifestation and predictor of their wisdom

Wisdom is typically associated with the post-formal period of human development and as the result of vast amounts of human knowledge, life and professional experience. Thus, people are surprised by such questions as ‘Can one learn wisdom?’, or ‘What signs … Continue reading

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An Action Theory of Creativity

The present paper outlines An Action Theory of Creativity and substantiates this approach by investigating creative expression in five different domains. We propose an action framework for the analysis of creative acts built on the assumption that creativity is a … Continue reading

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The sociomateriality of Creativity in everyday life

This paper explores the sociomateriality of creativity in everyday life. Whilst creativity research has traditionally been concerned with the intellectual and individual skills promoting creativity, such as the ability to apply divergent thinking, this author anchors creativity in social practice. … Continue reading

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The secret to creativity – according to science

Whether you get mesmerized by Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night or Albert Einstein’s theories about spacetime, you’ll probably agree that both pieces of work are products of mindblowing creativity. Imagination is what propels us forward as a species … Continue reading

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How to promote creativity in the classroom

Creativity is a big deal in the 21st-century classroom. Many countries include it as a core aim for their students in national curricula and even countries such as Singapore that come top of world education league tables are recognizing the … Continue reading

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Creativity is a human quality that exists in all of us

When you think about creativity, it might be highly creative people like Mozart, da Vinci or Einstein who spring to mind. They were all considered to be “geniuses” for their somewhat unique talents that led to global innovation in their … Continue reading

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