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Foucault, Gramsci and Critical Theory

Bringing Marx, Gramsci, and Foucault together is not so common in Germany and this is reflected in the limited number of scholars who do such work. Most critical intellectuals who refer to one of these names usually exclude the other … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and Critical Social Systems Theory

Maturana and Varela provided the following definition of autopoiesis: “An autopoietic machine is a machine organized (defined as a unity) as a network of processes of production (transformation and destruction) of components that produces the components which: (i) through their … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and Contemporary Social Movements – Conceptualizing Resistance in the Neoliberal Age

The advent of an unregulated and financial form of capitalism, combined with a sharp rise in income inequalities and economic insecurity since the 1970s, appears to pose, at first glance, a significant challenge for the relevance of the works of … Continue reading

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Can Schooling contribute to a more Just Society?

This article combines discussions of the politics of education with personal storytelling to remind us why the continuing struggle over schooling – over what is and is not taught, over how it is taught and evaluated, over how students with … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism is not a theory of everything: a Bourdieuian analysis of illusio in educational research

Despite the frequency with which the concept of neoliberalism is employed within academic literature, its complex and multifaceted nature makes it difficult to define and describe. Indeed, data reported in this article suggest that there is a tendency in educational … Continue reading

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The Left Hemisphere: Mapping Critical Theory Today

As the crisis of capitalism unfolds, the need for alternatives is felt ever more intensely. The struggle between radical movements and the forces of reaction will be merciless. A crucial battlefield, where the outcome of the crisis will in part … Continue reading

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The Power of Critical Theory for Adult Learning and Teaching

Simplifying without eroding the complexity of critical theory, traverses the grand themes of ideology, power, alienation, liberation, reason and democracy; showing how they inform the adult education practice of fostering critical thinking and critical reflection.  A lucid, accessible overview of … Continue reading

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The Past and Future inside the Present: Dialectical Thinking and the Transformation of Teaching Education

Despite decades of research exposing its limitations, transmission-based pedagogy is notably resistant to change. This paper argues that reform efforts will continue to be limited without a concomitant historical, dialectical analysis of the origin of such pedagogy. The paper locates … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Academe – The birth of critical university studies

Over the past two decades in the United States, there has been a new wave of criticism of higher education. Much of it has condemned the rise of “academic capitalism” and the corporatization of the university; a substantial wing has … Continue reading

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Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies

The Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies is the only handbook to make connections regarding many of the perspectives of the “new” critical theorists and emerging indigenous methodologies. Built on the foundation of the landmark SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research, the … Continue reading

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