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Philosophy and the Search for Ideas: Foundations of Critical Thinking

As historians are quick to point out, the parallels between modern times and the classical world – including not only Greece but also Rome – are plentiful. No new thinking here. In profound ways, our modern society, laws, forms of … Continue reading

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All Change – Will There Be a Revolution in Economic Thinking in the Next Few Years

On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers – then the fourth-largest investment bank on Wall Street – filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. A year later,  the world economy was in the depths of its worst recession since the 1930s. This … Continue reading

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Developing Critical Literacy Skills – Exploring Masculine and Feminine Stereotypes in Children’s Literature

Read Developing critical literacy skills is a major challenge for teachers who are preparing students for a world that is saturated with information. A major part of the challenge is to show students how text, in all its forms, carries … Continue reading

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Developing Critically Thoughtful e-Learning Communities of Practice

In this paper, we consider an approach to developing critically thoughtful e-Learning communities of practice — where participants are deliberate about the use of specific intellectual tools supporting critical thinking. We address Garrison & Anderson’s (2003) argument that such critical … Continue reading

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Action Research and Communicative Action – Changing Teaching Practices and the Organization of Educational Work

Read This paper aims to make a small contribution to the development of some theorising around action research and education, examining a series of topics – Understanding education in a time of change; Studying practice; Action research and the study … Continue reading

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Towards a critical theory of alternative media

Read In this contribution, we warn against being too optimistic about the actual democratic effects of notions like ‘‘civil media”, ‘‘community media” ‘‘alternative media”, ‘‘grassroots media”, ‘‘participatory media”, or ‘‘participatory culture”. We argue that in contemporary society, which is characterized … Continue reading

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