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Indigenous and Cultural Psychology: Understanding People in Context

It was once assumed that the bedrock concepts of psychology held true for all the world’s peoples. More recently, post-modern approaches to research have expanded on these Western models, building psychology that takes into account the sociopolitical, historical, religious, ecological, … Continue reading

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Cultural Psychology: a once and future discipline

This book is an attempt to answer two questions: “Why do psychologists find it so difficult to keep culture in mind?” and “If you are a psychologist who believes that culture is a fundamental constituent of human thought and action, … Continue reading

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Dialogical Relationship between Identity and Learning

This paper highlights some connections between cultural psychology, educational psychology, and identity psychology. This aim is pursued through the constructivist view of conceptualized learning as building knowledge. It is contended that identities should explicitly be considered as part of this … Continue reading

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Knitting meaning – Understanding a Cultural Practice of Indigenous Communities

The main objective of this study is to understand the origin, history, and meaning that lie behind the practice of knitting mochilas, which is a daily activity of women, both young and old in the Arhuaca community. This study has … Continue reading

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The Cultural Neuroscience of Human Perception

Culture and the brain were once thought of as mutually exclusive views on behavioral variation—an idea that is changing with the emerging field of cultural neuroscience. In this chapter, we discuss recent research examining the interplay of cultural and genetic … Continue reading

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Eco-cultural basis of Cognition: Farmers and Fishermen are more Holistic than Herders

It has been proposed that social interdependence fosters holistic cognition, that is, a tendency to attend to the broad perceptual and cognitive field, rather than to a focal object and its properties, and a tendency to reason in terms of … Continue reading

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The Intercultural Mind: Connecting Culture, Cognition, and Global Living

In this pioneering book, Joseph Shaules explores exciting new research in cultural psychology and neuroscience and explains how the new science of the mind can help us understand how the unconscious mind processes cultural differences, and how our sense of … Continue reading

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Cross-cultural Psychology: Research topics, applications, and perspectives

Psychology has long ignored culture as a source of influence on human behaviour and still takes little account of theories or data from other than Euro-American cultures. This review deals with topics emerging in cross-cultural, cultural, and indigenous psychology and … Continue reading

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Culture in Minds and Societies: Foundations of Cultural Psychology

This book is an adventure into the synthesis of ideas in the field of cultural psychology—building on the know-how of developmental science, anthropology, sociology, history, semiotics, and philosophy. Its basic focus is deeply phenomenological—human lived-through experience—rather than behavior– is taken … Continue reading

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The Psychological Foundations of Culture

Advances in recent decades in a number of different disciplines, including evolutionary biology, cognitive science, behavioral ecology, psychology, hunter-gatherer studies, social anthropology, biological  anthropology, primatology, and neurobiology have made clear for the first time the nature of the phenomena studied … Continue reading

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