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Genes, Mind, And Culture: The Coevolutionary Process

A classic on Human Sociobiology, Genes, Mind, and Culture introduces the concept of gene-culture coevolution. In this volume Lumsden and Wilson provide a much needed facsimile edition of their original work, together with a major review of progress in the … Continue reading

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Cultural Sociology

Cultural sociology – or the sociology of culture – has grown from a minority interest in the 1970s to become one of the largest and most vibrant areas within sociology globally. In The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Sociology, a global … Continue reading

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On the Role of Communication and Culture in the Reproduction of Social Systems

Although the relationship between communication and culture has received significant attention among communication scholars over the past thirty or more years, there is still no satisfactory explanation as to how these two are related and how culture evolves in communication. It forces … Continue reading

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Cultures in Contact. Studies in Cross-Cultural Interaction

International Series in Experimental Social Psychology, Volume I: Culture in Contact: Studies in Cross-Cultural Interaction is part of a series of books that presents the development in the field of social psychology; each volume contains materials such as empirical research, … Continue reading

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Adult Power and the Child Perspective

Typically, we define children by what they are not: they are not adults. For the past twenty years, childhood researchers have looked at both children and adults using the concepts of “human becoming” and “human being.” Initially, they saw adults … Continue reading

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La sociología de la cultura y música en Max Weber

La Sociología de la Cultura de Weber ha quedado desdibujada ante la enorme pluralidad de áreas de estudio que el sociólogo alemán inició. Desde los estudios de metodología que tratan de conciliar la polémica entre las Ciencias ideográficas y las … Continue reading

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Empathy Imperiled: Capitalism, Culture, and the Brain

Empathy is putting oneself in another’s emotional and cognitive shoes and then acting appropriately. The evolutionary process has given rise to a hard-wired neural system, described as “the most radical of human emotions, that equips us to connect with one … Continue reading

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The evolution of animal ‘cultures’ and social intelligence

Decades-long field research has flowered into integrative studies that, together with experimental evidence for the requisite social learning capacities, have indicated a reliance on multiple traditions (‘cultures’) in a small number of species. It is increasingly evident that there is great variation … Continue reading

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Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media

Understanding social media requires us to engage with the individual and collective meanings that diverse stakeholders and participants give to platforms. It also requires us to analyse how social media companies try to make profits, how and which labour creates this profit, who … Continue reading

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The Cultural Context of Cognition

This article employs evidence from a literature within social psychology on the malleability of scores on the Implicit Association Test (IAT), a measure that is widely used to assess implicit attitudes, and other implicit cognition measures, to provide a theoretical framework for … Continue reading

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