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Piaget and Vygotsky: Many resemblances, and a crucial difference

Piaget and Vygotsky are two influential developmental psychologists. One can even say that their contributions to developmental psychology, albeit different, are similarly remarkable and unique. This article is in four parts. In the first part, I refer briefly to a … Continue reading

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Complexity, Innovation, and Development: Schumpeter Revisited

The role of innovation and entrepreneurship is increasingly getting policy attention in emerging countries. A growing body of literature is deriving its inspiration from the work of Joseph Schumpeter. His seminal 1911 book, The Theory of Economic Development, outlined a … Continue reading

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Social and Cognitive Development in the Context of Individual, Social, and Cultural Processes

In recent years a proliferation of theoretical and empirical scholarship has emerged on how social and cultural factors shape development. This work has provided important information about the multiple goals and pathways of development throughout the world, yet many issues … Continue reading

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The Developmental Origin of Metacognition

We explain metacognition as a management of cognitive resources that does not necessitate algorithmic strategies or  meta-representation. When pragmatic, world-directed actions cannot reduce the distance to the goal, agents engage in epistemic action directed at cognition. Such actions often are … Continue reading

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What makes an Effective Team? The role of Trust (dis)confirmation in Team Development

Most newly formed teams manage to function in spite of the fact that their members do not know each other. Over time, teams progress into successful units; however, sometimes, they regress into a situation where morale is worse than when … Continue reading

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The Origins of Pedagogy – Developmental and Evolutionary Perspectives

The question of whether and how information is actively transferred from knowledgeable to ignorant individuals has received much attention in psychology and evolutionary biology. Research in these fields has proceeded largely independently, with studies of nonhuman animals focusing on knowledgeable … Continue reading

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Does Playing Pay? The Fitness-Effect of Free Play during Childhood

Evolutionary developmental psychology claims that the sequences and processes of human development, in fact the mere fact of ontogeny itself, have to be viewed as evolutionary products. However, although the functional benefits of childish behavior (child playing) for cognitive and … Continue reading

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Towards Open and Equitable Access to Research and Knowledge for Development

There is growing recognition that the capacity to conduct research and to share the resulting knowledge is fundamental to all aspects of human development, from improving health care delivery to increasing food security, and from enhancing education to stronger evidence-based … Continue reading

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The Role of Game Play in Children’s Social Development

The authors review several case studies of children engaged in rule-governed play and conclude that the process of learning rules—and of breaking them and making new ones—promotes what they call gamesmanship. They link the development of gamesmanship to the theory … Continue reading

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Evo entre o desenvolvimentismo e a Pacha Mama

Evo Morales encontra-se em seu pior momento político desde que assumiu a presidência da Bolívia em 2005. O motivo: os protestos indígenas contra a construção de uma estrada que deveria atravessar a reserva natural do território Indígena Parque Nacional Isiboro … Continue reading

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