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Gender Equality and Development

The main message of this year’s World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development is that these patterns of progress and persistence in gender equality matter, both for development outcomes and policy making. They matter because gender equality is a core … Continue reading

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Development as Freedom

Read In Development as Freedom Amartya Sen explains how in a world of unprecedented increase in overall opulence, millions of people living in rich and poor countries are still unfree. Even if they are not technically slaves, they are denied … Continue reading

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Implications of adopting a Complexity Framework for Development

Read Read also:  Complexity – an appropriate Framework for Development ? Formal  recognition  of  development  as  a  complex adaptive process confers  two  key  benefits.  Firstly,  it  presents  a  theoretical  synthesis  to guide the current strands of change into a more … Continue reading

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Everyday Cognition: Development in Social Context

In Everyday Cognition leading scholars in developmental psychology, cognitive science, and anthropology have joined forces to examine how thinking and cognitive development are influenced by social context. John Seely Brown, Michael Cole, Herbert P. Ginsburg, Patricia Greenfirld, Hugh Mehan, Sylvia … Continue reading

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Creative cities, cultural clusters and local economic development

Creative cities, cultural clusters and local economic development This book analyses the economic development of cities from the ‘cultural economy’ and ‘creative industry’ perspectives, examining and differentiating them as two related but distinct segments of contemporary city economies. The authors … Continue reading

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Curiosity: The Fuel of Development

Curiosity: The Fuel of Development   Children are such curious creatures. They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. From the moment of birth, likely even before, humans are drawn to new things. When we are curious about … Continue reading

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The concept of development and the development of concepts. Education and development in Vygotsky’s thinking

Read   A major theme of Vygotsky‘s research in the latter part of his life was the theme of concept formation or conceptual development in child development. He argued that the acquisition ofmature scientific (academic) concepts forms the crowning achievement … Continue reading

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The Development of Cognition, Emotion, Imagination and Creativity

This dissertation makes a number of inter-related arguments that, at an abstract level, converge on the methodological project of challenging the divide between method and object in conventional social science.  The three constituent claims that merge to create this overarching … Continue reading

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Creativity in the Making – Vygotsky’s Contemporary Contribution to the Dialectic of Creativity and Development

Read “One of the most important questions of child psychology and pedagogy is the question about creativity in children, its development and its significance for the general development of the child.” – Vygotsky In today’s information, technological and innovation driven … Continue reading

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Get ready for a new economic era

Get ready for a new economic era The mortgage-fueled market slide is leading the United States into much more than a recession—it is also ushering in a new economy. The consumer economy that was born in the 1950s is lurching … Continue reading

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