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Debates in the Digital Humanities

Welcome to the open-access edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities, which brings together leading figures in the field to explore its theories, methods, and practices and to clarify its multiple possibilities and tensions. Encompassing new technologies, research methods, and … Continue reading

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Student as Producer and Open Educational Resources: Learning through Digital Scholarship

At the University of Lincoln, the student as producer agenda is seeking to disrupt consumer-based learning relationships by reinventing the undergraduate curriculum along the lines of research-engaged teaching. The open education movement, with its emphasis on creative commons and collaborative … Continue reading

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Networks of Digital Humanities Scholars

Big Data research is currently split on whether and to what extent Twitter can be characterized as an informational or social network. We contribute to this line of inquiry through an investigation of digital humanities (DH) scholars’ uses and gratifications … Continue reading

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Networked Participatory Scholarship

We examine the relationship between scholarly practice and participatory technologies and explore how such technologies invite and reflect the emergence of a new form of scholarship that we call Networked Participatory Scholarship: scholars’ participation in online social networks to share, … Continue reading

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Digital, Networked and Open: The Digital Scholar – How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice

The structure of this book: essentially about three things: how the adoption of new technology is changing scholarly practice, how it could change practice and what questions does this raise for all academics? This book has four main sections that … Continue reading

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