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Embracing Emergence

Collective impact efforts are upending conventional wisdom about the manner in which we achieve social progress. Under conditions of complexity, predetermined solutions can neither be reliably ascertained nor implemented. Instead, the rules of interaction that govern collective impact lead to … Continue reading

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The Scientific Basis of Individual and Team Innovation and Discovery

The interface between cognitive psychology, social psychology and engineering provides a natural and as yet minimally explored environment to deeply understand the theory, processes and mechanisms of innovation and their influence on the design, creation, and discovery processes. This NSF … Continue reading

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Discovery – On Keeping an Eye Open At All Times

In my previous post, I spoke about Content Discovery and The Enterprise, specifically about the case of dealing with flows of information external to the company, of monitoring such flows for specific signals or “intelligence”. I spoke of the Gathering … Continue reading

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When teaching restrains Discovery

When the children finally got their hands on the toy, they were more likely to explore its other features if they had seen Bonawitz showing it to adults or playing with it herself. If she had talked to them directly … Continue reading

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High Cognitive Complexity and the Making of Major Scientific Discoveries

Read   This essay employs the concept ‘high cognitive complexity’ to advance our understanding of the scientists who make major discoveries. Those with high cognitive complexity have the capacity to understand the world in more complex ways than those with … Continue reading

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Archimedes Coins “Eureka!” in the Nude–and Other Crazy Ah-Ha Moments of Science

Archimedes Coins “Eureka!” in the Nude–and Other Crazy Ah-Ha Moments of Science   Is the classic mad scientist stereotype more myth than reality? A new book dives into the history of some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs–and the big brains … Continue reading

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