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On Finland’s Phenomenon-based learning

Finland’s plans to replace the teaching of classic school subjects such as history or English with broader, cross-cutting “topics” as part of a major education reform have been getting global attention. Stay calm: despite the reforms, Finnish schools will continue … Continue reading

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Curriculum Studies Based on Complexity Science

Complexity science is in the forefront of contemporary scientific development; its rise and development triggered the breakthrough and innovation of methodology in scientific research. Curriculum is a complex adaptive system. Complexity curriculum research also includes nonlinearity, uncertainty, self-organization and emergent … Continue reading

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Educational Commons and the new Radical Democratic Imaginary

This article reflects on emergent (radical-progressive) languages of democracy to consider what common educational institutions might mean today. It explores distinct philosophical and political tensions that cut across these languages in relation to educational organization and pedagogy including – antagonism … Continue reading

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To Advance Education, We Must First Reimagine Society

As Abbott sees it, the need for reflection has never been greater. Spurred by technological advances, “civilization is on the cusp of a metamorphosis,” he says, that will lead either to societal collapse and chaos, or to a resurgence of … Continue reading

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Bat-Yam personal education

Bat Yam (170,000 citizens), a suburb of Tel Aviv, the entire social and economic fabric was revitalised through an intervention in the school system. A politician with guts (the Mayor), the dedication of teachers, educators and parents and of course … Continue reading

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Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?

Finnish Lessons is a first-hand, comprehensive account of how Finland built a world-class education system during the past three decades. The author, Pasi Sahlber,  traces the evolution of education policies in Finland and highlights how they differ from the United States … Continue reading

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“Existe una McEducación, una fábrica de salchichas”

Leer Acaba de lanzar su libro “Universitarios ¡El problema no es el lucro, es el mercado!”, en que plantea que el problema de fondo de la crisis universitaria está en que el capitalismo se tomó este espacio y convirtió un … Continue reading

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Reforming education: The great schools revolution

Read Read also: How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better Education remains the trickiest part of attempts to reform the public sector. But as ever more countries embark on it, some vital lessons are beginning to be … Continue reading

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Privatization Reform and Inequality of Educational Opportunity – The Case of Chile

Read Chile has experienced considerable educational expansion over the past few decades, as well as a privatization reform in 1981 that introduced full parental choice through a voucher system, in the context of a market-oriented transformation of the country. Using … Continue reading

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Education Chile: Protests Demand Deeper Reforms of Unequal System

Read The protests by students demanding educational reforms, a constant feature over the past three months, have the government of rightwing President Sebastián Piñera up against a wall and have surprised those who see Chile as a regional model of … Continue reading

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