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Normalizing Foucault? – A Rhizomatic Approach to Plateaus in Anglophone Educational Research

In  a  recent  analysis  of  anglophone  scholarship, Baker and Heyning considered both where and when Foucault’s name was made to live and also analyzed the kinds of work such naming has performed,  i.e., the substantive claims made  in the name … Continue reading

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La economía como ciencia social

Leer Los planes de estudio en las principales facultades de Economía están siendo revisados. La crisis en las potencias mundiales cuestiona la corriente de pensamiento neoclásica, redefinida ortodoxa o neoliberal, predominante en esa carrera universitaria. La crisis del paradigma neoliberal … Continue reading

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Electronic education: Flipping the classroom

Read Hopes that the internet can improve teaching may at last be bearing fruit. TheE 12-year-olds filing into Courtney Cadwell’s classroom at Egan Junior High in Los Altos, a leafy suburb of Silicon Valley, each take a white MacBook from … Continue reading

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Reforming education: The great schools revolution

Read Read also: How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better Education remains the trickiest part of attempts to reform the public sector. But as ever more countries embark on it, some vital lessons are beginning to be … Continue reading

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Education Eye – Mapping Innovations

View View also:  Vision Mapper  and  Exploratree Education Eye brings you a wide range of exciting, relevant and useful innovations updated daily from the best of the web.

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All-round education for life – a “truly outstanding school” in one of the highest performing education systems in the world

Hong Kong-China is one of the leading performers in the OECD PISA survey. It’s in the top 4 for reading, mathematics and science along with Shanghai-China, Korea and Finland, (while the UK’s results are in line with the OECD average … Continue reading

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Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community

This book advances the theoretical account that Barbara Rogoff presented in her highly acclaimed book, Apprenticeship in Thinking. Here, Rogoff collaborates with two master teachers from an innovative school in Salt Lake City, Utah, to examine how students, parents, and … Continue reading

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Foucault, Educational Research and the Issue of Autonomy

Read This article seeks to demonstrate a particular application of Foucault’s philosophical approach to a particular issue in education: that of personal autonomy. The paper surveys and extends the approach taken by James Marshall in his book Michel Foucault: Personal … Continue reading

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Bourdieu and the Methodological Practice of Educational Research

Bourdieu‘s social theory offers a way of understanding some of the most important features of the field of educational research, while also providing educational researchers with a rich conceptual apparatus for their practice. This article addresses both of these methodological … Continue reading

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The Role of the Educator

Historically, it has been impractical to break up the roles of the teacher. You need a certain scale even to have a separate person assigned as a librarian or an audio-visual coordinator. You need a much greater scale, not to … Continue reading

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