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Emergence of Systems – Towards a General Theory of Emergence

This book contains the Proceedings of the 2007 Conference of the Italian Systems Society. Papers deal with the interdisciplinary study of processes of emergence, considering theoretical aspects and applications from physics, cognitive science, biology, artificial intelligence, economics, architecture, philosophy, music … Continue reading

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Emergent Change

… emergent change … is not in anyone’s agenda or weather radar. It simply manifests in our biological and social systems when the underlying components have achieved a new order that give way to new behaviors … only us—the members … Continue reading

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The New Science of Leadership: An Interview with Margaret Wheatley

Read Meg Wheatley was thrown into the public spotlight in 1992 with the publication of Leadership and the New Science, a groundbreaking look at how new discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, and biology challenge our standard ways of thinking … Continue reading

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On Deleuze and Guattari Collaborative Practice

Deleuze and Guattari commenting on their own collaborative writing are interesting here and, in a sense, we found we had named for ourselves the crowd they speak of:  The two of us wrote Anti-Oedipus together. Since each of us was … Continue reading

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Putting Complexity to Work – Supporting the Practitioners

Read Community Engagement – a Social Ecosystem Dance — Read Peckham Power – can Complexity Tools help us? — Read Embracing Complexity and Innovation to Deliver Business Growth — Read Bridging the gap between Complexity Practitioners and Scientists — Read … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Brazilian Public Software – Beyond sharing

Read This work presents a case study of an innovative Brazilian experience of use of free software in public administration as an emergent ecosystem, and the attempt to establish a quality framework for that. It describes a new concept: the … Continue reading

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Emergence and sustainability in a decentralized organization

Read Continuous development is a key issue for long term competitiveness and sustainability of organizations on a changing global market. It has been known for decades that organizations with loose and flexible structure, and more horizontal than vertical information flow … Continue reading

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Engaging Emergence: turning upheaval into opportunity

This book by Peggy Holman is about working with emergent change. While others have explored what emergence is, this book also focuses on how to engage it. It prepares you to face disruptions and invite the people you work or … Continue reading

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