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Emotions, emotions and learning


No aspect of our mental life is more important to the quality and meaning of our existence than the emotions. They are what make life worth living and sometimes worth ending. So it is not surprising that most of the … Continue reading

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The Influences of Emotion on Learning and Memory

Emotion has a substantial influence on the cognitive processes in humans, including perception, attention, learning, memory, reasoning, and problem solving. Emotion has a particularly strong influence on attention, especially modulating the selectivity of attention as well as motivating action and … Continue reading

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About Sensations, Emotions and Feelings: A Contribution to the Theoretical Basis of Transactional Analysis

This article is intended to present new thinking and expansion of the knowledge of emotions and feelings within transactional analysis, through a dialogue between Eric Berne, Antonio Damasio and Humberto Maturana. From Berne comes the guiding framework of transactional analysis … Continue reading

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Emotion and Music

Emotion regulation is the ability to manage and respond to an emotional experience effectively. It typically involves a choice of emotions, when to have them, and how to express them. For example, if the regulation goal is to reduce a … Continue reading

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Theories of Emotion: Integrating philosophy and the social sciences

The study of emotion is being taken on by many different fields of research. In particular, the social sciences are providing many new areas of development within the field. Philosophy is specially equipped to add to the research on human … Continue reading

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The emotional power of poetry: neural circuitry, psychophysiology and compositional principles

It is a common experience—and well established experimentally—that music can engage us emotionally in a compelling manner. The mechanisms underlying these experiences are receiving increasing scrutiny. However, the extent to which other domains of aesthetic experience can similarly elicit strong … Continue reading

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Feminine/Masculine and Emotionality from a Marginalized Childhood

In the context of the Law of Inclusion that promotes social mixing of Chilean students, we study a subsidized school which has always been free and without a selection of students. We try to understand the children’s social inclusion/exclusion processes in this marginalized … Continue reading

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Extending the extended mind: the case for extended affectivity

The thesis of the extended mind (ExM) holds that the material underpinnings of an individual’s mental states and processes need not be restricted to those contained within biological boundaries: when conditions are right, material artefacts can be incorporated by the … Continue reading

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Emotion: Social Psychological Aspects

People may perceive emotion as residing in the individual and composed of some portion of the personal subjective experience. However, certain common patterns of emotional experience exist. Shared social definitions of emotions are generally recognized, and these can be evoked … Continue reading

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Emotions and Social Movements

The study of emotions in social movements and collective action has been a growing field for about two decades. It gained new momentum after 2011, with the global protest wave of the “Arab Spring” and Occupy Wall Street and the … Continue reading

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