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The Enactive Approach

In The Embodied Mind, we presented the idea of cognition as enaction as an alternative to the view of cognition as representation. By “representation” we meant a structure inside the cognitive system that has meaning by virtue of its corresponding … Continue reading

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Enactive Education – Dynamic Co-emergence, Complexity, Experience, and the Embodied mind

The potential of a broad enactive approach in education has yet to be realized. This thesis contributes to the development of a well-rounded enactive educational theory and practice. This thesis argues that a broad enactive perspective has the potential to … Continue reading

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On the role of Social Interaction in Social Cognition

Researchers in the enactivist tradition have recently argued that social interaction can constitute social cognition, rather than simply serve as the context for social cognition. They contend that a focus on social interaction corrects the overemphasis on mechanisms inside the … Continue reading

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Enactivism and the Experiential Reality of Culture: Rethinking the Epistemological Basis of Cultural Psychology

The key problem of cultural psychology comprises a paradox: while people believe they act on the basis of their own authentic experience, cultural psychologists observe their behavior to be socially patterned. It is argued that, in order to account for … Continue reading

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