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Evolutionary Learning Ecosystems for Thrivable Futures: Crafting and Curating the Conditions for Future-Fit Education

This paper explores the shifting dynamics in our Learning Landscapes as pressure for deep systemic change mounts. Concepts of future-fit learning and future-creative competencies are introduced as part of a new narrative for new educational paradigms. A Protopia of Evolutionary … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Origins of Hierarchy

Hierarchical organization—the recursive composition of sub-modules—is ubiquitous in biological networks, including neural, metabolic, ecological, and genetic regulatory networks, and in human-made systems, such as large organizations and the Internet. To date, most research on hierarchy in networks has been limited … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and Spirituality

The term “autopoiesis” was introduced by Maturana and Varela around 1972 by combining the Greek words auto (self-) and poiesis (creation, production) to refer to the mechanism by which living systems continually produce themselves as autonomous unities. “When we speak … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Complexity in Language: An Evolutionary Perspective

Like an increasing number of linguists and other scholars especially interested in the evolution and/or the ontogenetic development of language, the author claims that languages are complex adaptive systems (CAS). These have been characterized as reflecting complex dynamics of interactive … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Unfolding of Complexity

We analyze the population dynamics of a broad class of  fitness functions that exhibit epochal evolution – a dynamical behavior commonly observed in both natural and artificial evolutionary processes in which long periods of stasis in an evolving population are … Continue reading

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