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Epistemologies of the South: Justice Against Epistemicide

In a world of appalling social inequalities people are becoming more aware of the multiple dimensions of injustice, whether social, political, cultural, sexual, ethnic, religious, historical, or ecological. Rarely acknowledged is another vital dimension: cognitive injustice, the failure to recognize … Continue reading

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Globalization and Self-Organization in the Knowledge-Based Society

In this paper I suggest that a theory of self-organization can be used as a consistent background theory for explaining  the dynamics and logics of globalization. Globalization is not confined to the human realm, it  is  an attribute of all … Continue reading

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Cyber-Proletariat – Global Labour in the Digital Vortex

Cyber-Proletariat shows us the dark-side of the information revolution; an unsparing analysis of class power and computerisation. Nick Dyer-Witheford reveals how technology facilitates growing polarisation between wealthy elites and precarious workers. He reveals the class domination behind everything from expanding … Continue reading

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Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity

This exciting new study provides an original and provocative exposé of the crisis of global capitalism in its multiple dimensions – economic, political, social, ecological, military, and cultural. Building on his earlier works on globalization, William I. Robinson discusses the … Continue reading

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Impact of Globalization on Youth Cultural Identity

There is a long debate about globalization and its effects. Globalization is an increased, quantitatively and qualitatively, numbers of global flows improve or deteriorate people’s everyday lives. The present study investigates the impact of Globalization on youth cultural practices and … Continue reading

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Global Social Inequalities – Review Essay

The studies of global social and economic inequalities in social sciences that go beyond “methodological nationalism” are recent but have older roots. The first theories to reflect on the global and trans-regional interconnections and asymmetric regional developments within the capitalist … Continue reading

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Global Learning through the lens of Vygotskian Sociocultural Theory

Vygotsky saw mental and cultural development as ‘mediated’ by artefacts, including tools and signs. He used his ‘genetic method’ to investigate higher cognitive processes in historical context. These insights are foundational to sociocultural theory, which is widely used in education … Continue reading

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Staying ahead of the game – the Globalising Practices of Elite Schools

How are elite schools caught up in the changing processes of globalisation? Is globalisation a new phenomenon for  them? This paper focuses on the globalising practices that selected elite schools adopt. It also explores how globalisation is impacting on the … Continue reading

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Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages

Where does the nation-state end and globalization begin? In Territory, Authority, Rights, one of the world’s leading authorities on globalization shows how the national state made today’s global era possible. Saskia Sassen argues that even while globalization is best understood … Continue reading

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The Globalization of Knowledge in History

Today scientific, technological and cultural knowledge is shared worldwide. The extent to which globalized knowledge also existed in the past is an open question and, moreover, a question that is important for understanding present processes of globalization. This book, the … Continue reading

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