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Economy and Economics of Ancient Greece

Whilst modern economists are primarily concerned with how people behave, classical writers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Xenophon were more interested in how people should behave, thus marking the ethical difference between economics now and economics in Ancient Greece. Partly … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece

Through most of its long history, Greece was poor. But in the classical era, Greece was densely populated and highly urbanized. Many surprisingly healthy Greeks lived in remarkably big houses and worked for high wages at specialized occupations. Middle-class spending … Continue reading

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Austerity, Poverty and Inequality – Caritas Europa Report

Greece has received fresh ammunition in its negotiations with creditors, as a new report about poverty in bailed-out countries paints a grim picture of the social cost of austerity. “The people paying the highest price currently are those who had … Continue reading

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Ancient Athens didn’t have politicians. Is there a lesson for us?

Few people realize that in ancient Athens – the original democracy from which modern democracies supposedly grew – no one was elected to be a representative. There were no public offices elected by the people. They just didn’t have politicians. … Continue reading

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The Polis: Was the Ancient Greek City-State the Greatest Political System Ever?

The Greek City-state, or Polis, is arguably the greatest political system ever created – remarkable given its appearance some 2800 years ago. The Greeks successfully built a system to foster those most elusive of human desires – freedom and equality, … Continue reading

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“Veremos lutas históricas na Europa”

Costas Isychos, membro da Secretaria Política de Synaspismos, partido da esquerda grega, evoca nesta entrevista a tragédia social que vive a Grécia, o temor das pessoas de que se repita aqui a hecatombe argentina e desenvolve a ideia segundo a … Continue reading

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The price of Greek democracy

It is easy to see why the Greek premier has announced a parliamentary confidence vote and plebiscite on the eurozone’s latest bailout package. He presumably takes the view that there is almost no chance of Greece going back to work … Continue reading

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