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The Evolutionary Origins of Hierarchy

Hierarchical organization—the recursive composition of sub-modules—is ubiquitous in biological networks, including neural, metabolic, ecological, and genetic regulatory networks, and in human-made systems, such as large organizations and the Internet. To date, most research on hierarchy in networks has been limited … Continue reading

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How Children perceive Fractals – Hierarchical self-similarity and Cognitive development

The ability to understand and generate hierarchical structures is a crucial component of human cognition, available in language, music, mathematics and problem solving. Recursion is a particularly useful mechanism for generating complex hierarchies by means of self-embedding rules. In the … Continue reading

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Hierarchy is Detrimental for Human Cooperation

Studies of animal behavior consistently demonstrate that the social environment impacts cooperation, yet the effect of social dynamics has been largely excluded from studies of human cooperation. Here, we introduce a novel approach inspired by nonhuman primate research to address … Continue reading

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Hierarchy, Freedom and Learning

We, humans, have two fundamentally different ways of governing ourselves in social groups. One is the method of hierarchy, or dominance, or force. I need not describe this method in detail; we are all too familiar with it. This is … Continue reading

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Petite Sociologie des Hiérarchies Animales

Cerfs, singes, poules… les animaux multiplient les postures d’intimidation ou de reconnaissance pour établir les relations entre dominants et dominés, le combat mortel, trop risqué, étant souvent évité. A découvrir dans un livre de l’essayiste Alexis Rosenbaum. Tocqueville le disait … Continue reading

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Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior

Are humans by nature hierarchical or egalitarian? Hierarchy in the Forest addresses this question by examining the evolutionary origins of social and political behavior. Christopher Boehm, an anthropologist whose fieldwork has focused on the political arrangements of human and nonhuman … Continue reading

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Human Evolution and the Origins of Hierarchies: The State of Nature

In this book, Benoît Dubreuil explores the creation and destruction of hierarchies in human evolution. Combining the methods of archaeology, anthropology, cognitive neuroscience and primatology, he offers a natural history of hierarchies from the point of view of both cultural … Continue reading

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Hierarchical Organization in Complex Networks

Many real networks in nature and society share two generic properties: they are scale-free and they display a high degree of clustering. We show that these two features are the consequence of a hierarchical organization, implying that small groups of … Continue reading

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Hierarchy Measure for Complex Networks

Nature, technology and society are full of complexity arising from the intricate web of the interactions among the units of the related systems (e.g., proteins, computers, people). Consequently, one of the most successful recent approaches to capturing the fundamental features … Continue reading

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On the Origins of Hierarchy in Complex Networks

Hierarchy seems to pervade complexity in both living and artificial systems. Despite its relevance, no general theory that captures all features of hierarchy and its origins has been proposed yet. Here we present a formal approach resulting from the convergence … Continue reading

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