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Human Rights, Autopoiesis, Global Peace and Social Harmony

The article attempts to fill the fundamental shortcoming and limitation of the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights with regard to the factual lacks in it the determininghuman right to life. This task is realized on the basis of three fundamental discoveries: … Continue reading

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Human Rights Podcast – exploring new perspectives

There has never been a more important time to talk about human rights! And talk about it is what I plan to do, not in a lecture hall, not at a conference with other academics, but in a podcast series. … Continue reading

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The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding

Fact-finding is at the heart of human rights advocacy, and is often at the center of international controversies about alleged government abuses. In recent years, human rights fact-finding has greatly proliferated and become more sophisticated and complex, while also being … Continue reading

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Toward a cross-species Understanding of Empathy

Although signs of empathy have now been well documented in non-human primates, only during the past few years have systematic observations suggested that a primal form of empathy exists in rodents. Thus, the study of empathy in animals has started in earnest. Here we review … Continue reading

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A Social Science of Human Rights

Why do governments abuse human rights, and what can be done to deter and reverse abusive practices? This article examines the emerging social science on these two questions. Over the last few decades, scholars have made considerable progress in answering … Continue reading

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Zygmunt Bauman’s Warning From History

But we cannot simply memorialize without asking difficult and searching questions about the contemporary moment. Are there, for instance, aspects of contemporary global society that make it possible to think and act in ways that render specific populations disposable? Such … Continue reading

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Teaching human rights

Human rights education is a prominent concern of a number of international organisations and has been dominant on the United Nations’ agenda for the past 20 years. The UN Decade for Human Rights Education (1995–2004) has been followed by the … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection

One pressing omission to date is the complete absence from the discussion of the human rights implications and outcomes of social protection programmes. This is a significant analytical gap that must be filled. Considering the extensive human rights obligations which … Continue reading

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Popular Education for Human Rights – A Guide

Popular Education for Human Rights is a trainer’s guide for human rights activists.  It is deliberately not copyrighted in solidarity with those involved in popular education and community organizing.  Any non-governmental organization or educator may copy and adapt it to … Continue reading

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Impunidad y democracia

La aprobación en París, el 10 de diciembre de 1948, de la Declaración Universal de Derechos Humanos impulsó uno de los cambios de paradigma más importantes en la historia de la humanidad, al reconocerle derechos a todos los seres humanos … Continue reading

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