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Human Rights Commission denounces Chilean Carabineros for ‘disproportionate use of force’

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has denounced Chile’s Carabineros over the “disproportionate” repression of student protesters, which in some cases it described as “incompatible” with a functioning democracy. Carabineros are accused of violently dispersing protests that have been … Continue reading

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A Human Rights-based Approach to Education for All

Read The predominant focus in this publication is on basic education, but within a life-cycle and lifelong learning approach. It uses the Education for All goals as a foundation, but addresses the educational rights of children rather than adults. Not … Continue reading

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The Indigenous World 2010

Read I Read II   In spite of the positive developments achieved in 2009, the articles in this year’s edition of The Indigenous World show once again a frighteningly clear picture of the situation of indigenous peoples as of 2010 … Continue reading

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