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Dialogical Relationship between Identity and Learning

This paper highlights some connections between cultural psychology, educational psychology, and identity psychology. This aim is pursued through the constructivist view of conceptualized learning as building knowledge. It is contended that identities should explicitly be considered as part of this … Continue reading

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Identities in flux: Cognitive Network Activation in Times of Change

Using a dynamic cognitive model, we experimentally test two competing hypotheses that link identity and cognitive network activation during times of change. On one hand, affirming people’s sense of power might give them confidence to think beyond the densest subsections … Continue reading

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Identity in Transit – Nomads, Cyborgs and Women

This article explores the problems and possibilities of different feminist theoretical models of identity for challenging women’s symbolic and strategic positioning in the discourses and conflicts that produce national, ethnic and racialized community identities. The discussion focuses on two of … Continue reading

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Cultural Identity and Literacy

Read In this article we offer both a conceptual and a methodological proposal for the study of cultural identity by cultural-historical psychology. First we will develop a conceptual framework in which we define acts of identification as a suitable unit … Continue reading

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Popular representations of the Working Class

This review critically explores media representations of working-class people and working-class lives. Drawing on various studies, as well as other examples from different forms of media, it argues firstly that there is a prevalence of derogatory images which undermine the … Continue reading

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Identity, Communities and Citizenship

This Report addresses three overlapping and interlocking domains; identity, community and citizenship. The Challenge will also explore the intersection of identity and community, and identity and citizenship, and the ways in which changing technologies are likely to impact all. Common … Continue reading

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Self-organization, Individuation and Identity

Read Self-organisation is a process by which larger scale order is formed in a system through the promotion of fluctuations at a smaller scale via processes inherent in the system dynamics, modulated by  interactions between  the system and  its surroundings. … Continue reading

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Re-imagining the future – Young People’s construction of identities through digital storytelling

This review paper explores a relationship between young people‟s identity construction and digital storytelling in the learning environment, especially those who are disaffected and at risk of being socially excluded. In particular, I will focus on the young people‟s engagement … Continue reading

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Identity, Community and Selfhood – understanding the self in relation to contemporary youth cultures

Read This paper discusses some of the key factors that shape young people‟s identity in relation to contemporary youth cultures. It describes a tightening of relationships between identity, leisure and consumption that have interacted with developments in communication technologies and … Continue reading

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