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Political — or politicized? — psychology

Are you expressive, creative, curious and novelty seeking? Chances are, you’re a liberal. Are you organized, conventional, reserved and neat? You’re probably a conservative. The idea that your personal characteristics could be linked to your political ideology has intrigued political … Continue reading

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Political conservatism as motivated social cognition

Analyzing political conservatism as motivated social cognition integrates theories of personality (authoritarianism, dogmatism-intolerance of ambiguity), epistemic and existential needs (for closure, regulatory focus, terror management), and ideological rationalization (social dominance, system justification). A meta-analysis (88 samples, 12 countries, 22,818 cases) confirms that several … Continue reading

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People on the left and right use different cognitive systems to make moral judgments

New research from Australia suggests that political liberals and conservatives rely on different cognitive “systems” when making moral judgments. The study was based on what is known as dual process theory, which has been popularized by psychologist Daniel Kahneman. The theory … Continue reading

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Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another’s opinions

Ideologically committed people are similarly motivated to avoid ideologically cross-cutting information. Although some previous research has found that political conservatives may be more prone to selective exposure than liberals are, we find similar selective exposure motives on the political left and right … Continue reading

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Challenging Neoliberal Ideology in Postsecondary Education

The purpose of this paper is to challenge the commonsensical acceptance of commitments to excellence within postsecondary education and reveal their inherent neoliberal foundation. Because excellence appears neutral, natural, universal, and a legitimate educational goal, it obfuscates the embedded assumptions … Continue reading

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