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Taking back the playground

Taking back the playground Traditional swings and slides may be safe, but they rob kids of chances to be creative, study finds. A five-year study tracking the habits of toddlers and preschoolers in playgrounds suggests an obsession with safety has … Continue reading

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De la vision à l’imagination

De la vision à l’imagination Si notre système cérébral nous permet de percevoir une image projetée sur la rétine mais aussi d’en comprendre le sens, il est également capable de produire des images mentales en l’absence de toute réalité extérieure. … Continue reading

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Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life

Your Creative Brain Read also: Creativity in the 21st Century Creativity in the 21st Century (Part 2): Is the Web a Hindrance or an Aid? Filled with research-based techniques for expanding creativity and increasing productivity This provocative book reveals why … Continue reading

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Open Pandora’s Box – Curiosity and Imagination in the Classroom

Read   Much of the research done in the past 50 years has led us to view the child as overly rational, ready and eager to learn what grown-ups have to teach them, with little need for time and encouragement … Continue reading

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Students’ Lived Experiences as Text in Teaching the Sociological Imagination

Read   Although we may claim our students are developing a sociological imagination, it is quite another to realize this in our teaching and our students’ performances. Through a professional move from teaching in Chicago to Maine, I was led … Continue reading

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Investigating Imagination as a Cognitive Space for Learning Mathematics

Read Read also: Imagining Numbers Our work is inspired by the book Imagining Numbers (particularly the square root of minus fifteen), by Harvard University mathematics professor Barry Mazur. The work of Mazur led us to question whether the features and … Continue reading

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The dialogic imagination: four essays

This book consists of four essays of Bakhtin‘s “Middle Period“, two short and two longer works which have been arranged, according to complexity, with the most accessible essay first and the most difficult last. Cooincidentally, this is also the reverse … Continue reading

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A failure of imagination

A failure of imagination   It’s a failure of imagination. No one has been able to come up with a decent idea to deal with the problem. And it’s also an indication of why the U.S. is behind in Science … Continue reading

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Values and Imagination in Teaching – With a Special Focus on Social Studies

Read   Both local and global issues are typically dealt with in the Social Studies curriculum, or in curriculum areas with other names but similar intents. In the literature about Social Studies the imagination has played little role, and consequently … Continue reading

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The Sociological Imagination and Social Responsibility

In this paper, we maintain that sociologists should deliberately teach social responsibility as a means of fulfilling the promise that C. Wright Mills envisioned. A key aspect of the sociological imagination includes a sense of social responsibility, but that aspect … Continue reading

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