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Natural intelligence and anthropic reasoning

This paper aims to justify the concept of natural intelligence – the type of intelligence wider than human intelligence and its derivative, AI. I will argue that the process of life is (i) a cognitive process and (ii) that organisms, from bacteria … Continue reading

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Strategic Intelligence

Intelligence is the provision of information about targets of concern, mostly foreign, for the use of decision makers, mostly governmental. The information normally prioritizes secrets and/or forecasts, and the degrees of animosity toward the targets are likely to shape the … Continue reading

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Personal Intelligence and Competencies

Personal intelligence concerns the ability to reason about personality and personality-related information; it includes both self-knowledge and knowledge about the personalities of other people. Personal intelligence encompasses a wide range of areas of reasoning from perceiving cues to personality to planning one’s … Continue reading

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Creative Intelligence in the 21st Century

Book – How can creative individuals and societies adapt to complex 21st-century conditions? Will civilizations thrive or collapse in the decades to come if they are not creative enough, or if they are too creative? Interest in these questions is … Continue reading

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Education, Intelligence and Diseases in Old Age

Several studies have found a positive association between education and health. Confounding factors that an act both education choices and health, such as (observed) parental background and (unobserved) intelligence, may play an important role in shaping this association. In this paper we estimate … Continue reading

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Smog, Cognition and Real-World Decision Making

Cognitive functioning is critical as in our daily life a host of real-world complex decisions in high-stakes markets have to be made. The decision-making process can be vulnerable to environmental stressors. Summarizing the growing economic and epidemiologic evidence linking air pollution, cognition performance … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Intuition and Intelligence

What’s your Intuition Quotient? We’ve been running on a very narrow spectrum of human intelligence, and it’s landed us in social and environmental crises. Our very survival now depends on reclaiming other, wiser parts of our minds. Enter the IQ2. Intuition … Continue reading

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What Is IQ? Life Beyond “General Intelligence”

For more than a century, the standard view in the field of human intelligence has been that there is a “general intelligence” that permeates all human cognitive activity. This general cognitive ability is supposed to explain the positive manifold, the … Continue reading

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Swarm Intelligence: Literature Overview

A long time ago, people discovered the variety of the interesting insect or animal behaviors in nature. A flock of birds sweeps across the sky. A group of ants forages for food. A school of sh swims, turns, as together, etc.[1]. We call … Continue reading

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Consciousness, joy, intelligence and society

Consciousness is what drives us forward, is what decides, what sets targets, what defines our fate. And there is a fundamental sign of the achievement of this goals and satisfaction of our personal motivations, which is joy. Bergson says: “The … Continue reading

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