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Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature

This book is a further contribution to the series Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology.It is an ambitious attempt to explain the relationship between intelligence and environmental complexity, and in so doing to link philosophy of mind to more general … Continue reading

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Sociality and the Evolution of Intelligence

Human intelligence appears to be unique in the biological world, but how did it arise? Its very existence raises two fascinating and difficult questions. What evolutionary factors have given rise to human intelligence? How great is the discontinuity between the … Continue reading

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The Language Instinct – The New Science of Language and Mind

Language is so tightly woven into human experience that it is scarcely possible to imagine life without it. Chances are that if you find two or more people together anywhere on earth, they will soon be exchanging words. When there … Continue reading

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Chess Grandmastery: Nature, Gender and Genius

In the late 1960s, a Hungarian teacher named László Polgár resolved to try an educational experiment. The author of a brassy parenting book called Bring Up Genius!, he sought to prove that, as one of his kids later put it, … Continue reading

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The Power of Social Conversation Analysis

Every day there are millions of conversations happening in social media — including ones about your organization. In order to capitalize on the sheer amount of social buzz, you need to understand what’s resonating in regards to your organization. An … Continue reading

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The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System Model for Organizations

This paper proposes a new model for organizations that live in a dynamic, complex environment. The model proposes to represent a new theory of the organization, one that starts with the fact that organizations are not metaphors of living systems … Continue reading

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The Originality of Systems Intelligence

We have proposed that the work on emotional, social and multiple intelligence has missed a key form of human intelligence that we have called “systems intelligence.” By “systems intelligence” we mean “intelligent behavior in the context of complex systems involving … Continue reading

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The Intelligence of Complexity

To better appreciate the contribution of the ‘paradigm of complexity’ in Educational sciences, this paper proposes a framework discussing its cultural and historical roots. First, it focuses on Giambattista Vico’s critique of René Descartes’ method, contrasting Cartesian’s principles (evidence, disjunction, linear causality and … Continue reading

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IQs Changes Over Time

We’re getting more stupid. That’s one point made in a recent article in the New Scientist, reporting on a gradual decline in IQs in developed countries such as the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. Such research feeds into a long-held … Continue reading

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Global Leadership Success through Emotional and Cultural Intelligences

Culturally attuned and emotionally sensitive global leaders need to be developed: leaders who can respond to the particular foreign environments of different countries and different interpersonal work situations. Two emerging constructs are especially relevant to the development of successful global … Continue reading

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