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A new e-Learning tool for Cognitive Democracies in the Knowledge Society

Cognitive democracies can be defined as new models of e-democracy that are based on the evolutionism of living systems and deal with their vital (cognitive) process by means of the continuous education of citizens with regards to one of the … Continue reading

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More value creation through knowledge (assets) Implications for regional growth strategies

Knowledge revolution and knowledge economy: An increasing volume of knowledge is being produced around the globe. This knowledge is giving rise to more knowledge assets in the form of patents, trademarks, and utility models, which are then used to earn … Continue reading

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Is ‘complexity’ the key to economic growth?

Two economists, Ricardo Hausmann of Harvard and Cesar Hidalgo of MIT, have just released “Atlas of Economic Complexity,” which claims to be the best model yet for predicting how much nations will grow in the future. So what’s the secret? … Continue reading

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Visioneer – KnowledgeAccelerator

Read Read also:  Visioneer – Formulating Grand Fundamental Challenges More and more often social systems feature crises leading to unstable and dangerous situations that are characterized by abrupt and large-scale changes. Such disruptions are very hard to predict with any … Continue reading

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Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy

Read This is a major work by three international scholars at the cutting edge of new research that investigates the emerging set of complex relationships between creativity, design, research, higher education and knowledge capitalism. It highlights the role of the … Continue reading

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Globalization, the Knowledge Society, and the Network State: Poulantzas at the millennium

In State, Power, Socialism, Nicos Poulantzas conceptualized a state that materializes and concentrates power and displaces the class struggle from the economic to the political arena. In the past twenty years, much has changed. We argue that economic relations have … Continue reading

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A Sociological Theory of Communication – The Self-Organization of the Knowledge-Based Society

Networks of communication evolve in terms of reflexive exchanges. The codification of these reflections in language, that is, at the social level, can be considered as the operating system of society. Under sociologically specifiable conditions, the discursive reconstructions can be … Continue reading

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