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Cognitive Load and Knowledge Sharing In Learning Networks

Learning Networks are online social networks designed to support non-formal learning; they are therefore particularly suitable for self-directed learners. In Learning Networks, learners need to acquire knowledge through knowledge sharing with other participants. However, without a support structure, learners have … Continue reading

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The networked student model for construction of personal learning environments

Principles of networked learning, constructivism, and connectivism inform the design of a test case through which secondary students construct personal learning environments for the purpose of the independent inquiry. Emerging web applications and open educational resources are integrated to support … Continue reading

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Network thinking

Curtis Ogden at The Interaction Institute provides a very good summary of the differences between network-centric and hierarchy-centric thinking, called Network Thinking:     Adaptability instead of control     Emergence instead of predictability     Resilience and redundancy instead of rock stardom … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Learning

Have been reading about the science of ‘Complexity’ recently, and find that many of the aspects described apply equally well to learning. Without a doubt, learning is a process that is riddled with complexity – which might the reason we … Continue reading

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Learning Networks for Lifelong Learning – An Exploratory Survey on Distance Learners’ preferences

Read Distance learners have fewer face to face contact opportunities with staff and peers than learners in regular settings. A Learning Network might facilitate social interaction and knowledge sharing for these learners thereby helping them to overcome isolation and dropout. … Continue reading

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Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks – a conceptual framework

Read This publication is about value creation in communities and networks. It is a foundation paper presenting a framework for promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks and aims to be sufficiently rigorous for researchers, useful for practitioners … Continue reading

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Linking Theory and Practice – Learning Networks at the Service of Workplace Innovation

Learning and innovation have become key concepts in charting a path to success. Innovations are often created in multi-actor networks, on the borders between different kinds of organisations. Learning network is a new model for co-operation between workplaces and R&D … Continue reading

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Action research in developing knowledge networks

Read This paper describes the experiences of the Eastern Head Injury Study in creating a strategic regional head injury service framework using a collaborative action research methodology. The types of data, information and knowledge required to develop and support such … Continue reading

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Review of Learning in ICT-enabled Networks and Communities

Read   This report studies the potential of these new online activities for lifelong learning as part of a larger project launched by Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) with DG Education and Culture. The overall project studies what contributes … Continue reading

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Learning Network Services for Professional Development

Learning Network Services for Professional Development   A “Learning Network” is a community of people who help each other to better understand and handle certain events and concepts in work or life. As a result ‘ and sometimes also as … Continue reading

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