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The Organization of the Living – A Theory of the Living Organization

Humberto Maturana. My purpose in this article is to present a theory of the organization of living systems as autonomous entities, and a theory of the organization of the nervous system as a closed network of interacting neurons structurally coupled … Continue reading

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The Intelligent Complex Adaptive System Model for Organizations

This paper proposes a new model for organizations that live in a dynamic, complex environment. The model proposes to represent a new theory of the organization, one that starts with the fact that organizations are not metaphors of living systems … Continue reading

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Cultural Psychology: from Atomistic to Self-organizing Living Systems

An epistemological foundation for cultural psychology is essential to neuro- and behavioural sciences for the challenge psychological sciences must currently face: searching for an explanation of how a brain can become a mind and how individuals assign a sense to … Continue reading

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L’ordine invisibile: Organizzazione, autonomia e complessità del vivente

Che cos’è il vivente e cosa lo differenzia da un sistema fisico o da un artefatto? Ripartire dalla domanda fondamentale della biologia, troppo spesso ignorata, significa ripensarne i fondamenti teorici ed epistemologici. Significa affrontare i grandi temi del confine tra … Continue reading

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Biosphere, Homosphere, and Robosphere

The biosphere is a history of autonomous living systems. It is a history of transformations in the conservation of living. In the biosphere what is conserved is living, with changes in the forms of living, that is various living systems. … Continue reading

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