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Nomadic Swarms of Mobile Learners

This is an old farsighted paper. Since this technology is mobile, students turn “nomad,” carrying conversations and thinking across campus spaces. The socializing powers of mobility and wirelessness expand the drive into collaboration. Should our physically sedentary campuses embrace the … Continue reading

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La revolución BlackBerry

Leer Mientras ardía Londres, la importancia de BlackBerry para organizar los destrozos iba en aumento. Los jóvenes usaron el sistema de mensaje de BlackBerry para coordinar esfuerzos, un sistema encriptado que hizo difícil la tarea de seguir las conversaciones por … Continue reading

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Teens and Mobile Phones

Read Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their communication strategies with friends. Cell-phone texting has become the preferred channel of basic communication between teens and their friends and cell calling is a close second. Some … Continue reading

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Instruction and Technology: Designs for Everyday Learning

Instruction and Technology: Designs for Everyday Learning The perpetual connectivity made possible by twenty-first-century technology has profoundly affected instruction and learning. Emerging technologies that upend traditional notions of communication and community also influence the ways we design and evaluate instruction … Continue reading

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Microlearning – A Strategy for ongoing Professional Development

Read with the Issuu viewer In  this paper we introduce microlearning in online communities as a learning approach triggered by current patterns of media use and supported by new technologies, such Web 2.0 and social software. We delineate microlearning as … Continue reading

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Innovation in Virtual Mobility

According to this innovation paradigm, virtual mobility is close to such concepts as virtual reality and identity experimentalism fostered by the Internet . The Internet can actually be considered as an ‘identity laboratory, overflowing with props, audiences, and players for … Continue reading

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