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Neural Systems Involved In Moral Judgment and Moral Action

For centuries, philosophers have debated whether moral judgments are the product of active deliberation or that intuition drives our decisions about right and wrong. During the last decade and a half, cognitive neuroscientists have stepped into this debate by scanning … Continue reading

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How Humans Became Moral Beings

In a new book, anthropologist Christopher Boehm traces the steps our species went through to attain a conscience Why do people show kindness to others, even those outside their families, when they do not stand to benefit from it? Being … Continue reading

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The effect of moral foundations in prosocial crowdfunding

Prosocial crowdfunding is a new business phenomenon which is transforming the microfinance sector, as more microloans are posted online for fundraising. Research suggests that prosocial lenders registered on crowdfunding platforms seek non-financial returns from their investments, such as the creation … Continue reading

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Does stress alter everyday moral decision-making?

Recent studies in the field of neuropsychological decision-making, as well as moral psychology, emphasize the role of emotions in decision-making. The current study examines whether stress affects moral decision-making. We induced stress in 20 participants with the Trier Social Stress Test … Continue reading

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Stress alters personal moral decision making

While early studies of moral decision making highlighted the role of rational, conscious executive processes involving frontal lobe activation more recent work has suggested that emotions and gut reactions have a key part to play in moral reasoning. Given that … Continue reading

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Is It Good to Cooperate? Testing the Theory of Morality-as-Cooperation

What is morality? And to what extent does it vary around the world? The theory of “morality-as-cooperation” argues that morality consists of a collection of biological and cultural solutions to the problems of cooperation recurrent in human social life. Morality-as-cooperation draws on … Continue reading

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Moral Psychology: Empirical Approaches

Moral psychology investigates human functioning in moral contexts and asks how these results may impact the debate in ethical theory. This work is necessarily interdisciplinary, drawing on both the empirical resources of the human sciences and the conceptual resources of … Continue reading

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The Moral Importance of Understanding Consciousness

Debating whether other beings are conscious can sometimes feel like an unimportant academic exercise. But it’s not. The conclusion we reach determines how we treat animals—our livestock, our research subjects, and our neighbors in cities and other places we live. … Continue reading

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People are profoundly motivated to maintain a reputation as a Morally good person

New research sheds light on the type of sacrifices people are willing to make to protect their moral reputations. Our common scholarly interest in the idea that the human self-evolved for and serves social purposes was what brought us to … Continue reading

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Anthropology on Individualism or Altruism – Did natural selection favor individualists or altruists?

Christopher Boehm has been studying the interplay between the desires of an individual and that of the larger group for more than 40 years. He has conducted fieldwork with both human and nonhuman primates and has published more than 60 … Continue reading

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