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Thoughts on a Pedagogy OF Complexity

There is now a developed and extensive literature on the implications of the ‘complexity frame of reference’ for education in general and pedagogy in particular. This includes a wide range of interesting contributions which consider how complexity can inform, inter … Continue reading

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Complex Thinking for a Complex World – About Reductionism, Disjunction and Systemism

The following theses will be elaborated on: (a) The whole is at the same time more and less than its parts; (b) We must abandon the term “object” for systems because all the objects are systems and parts of systems; … Continue reading

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E. Morin’s Complexity Paradigm in the Context of Informational Challenges to Education

The network nature of informational society is analyzed for understanding the challenges to contemporary education. Becoming of this society actualizes the need for lifelong learning, self-study, the reorientation of thinking style. The author attempts to explicate the methodological potential of … Continue reading

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Dr. Edgar Morin: Seven Complex Lessons in Education

Dr. Edgar Morin, an eminent sociologist and philosopher, discusses his work on Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future, addressing themes related to knowledge, identity and shared global challenges. “It is essential to teach and learn and see the … Continue reading

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Edgar Morin: « Nous avançons comme des somnambules vers la catastrophe »

L’idéal de la société occidentale – « bien-être » – s’est dégradé en des choses purement matérielles, de confort et de propriété d’objet. Et bien que ce mot « bien-être » soit très beau, il fallait trouver autre chose. Et … Continue reading

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Edgar Morin: Seven complex lessons in Education for the Future

When we look to the future we confront many uncertainties about the world our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will live in. But we can be certain of at least one thing: if we want this earth to provide for the … Continue reading

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Revisiting Educational Research through Morin’s Paradigm of Complexity

Because it grounds most of my academic work, the reflection developed in this paper follows the epistemological and anthropological critique characterizing the ʺparadigm of complexityʺ proposed by Edgar Morin. It invites us to question the way one conceives changes and … Continue reading

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