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The Dynamical Basis of Emergence in Natural Hierarchies

Since the origins of the notion of emergence in attempts to recover the content of vitalistic anti-reductionism without its questionable metaphysics, emergence has been treated in terms of logical properties. This approach was doomed to failure, because logical properties are … Continue reading

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Auto-organizzazioni: Il mistero dell’emergenza nei sistemi fisici, biologici e sociali

Molti fenomeni complessi non possono essere compresi a partire dalla conoscenza dei costituenti elementari, poiché, interagendo tra loro danno luogo a una dinamica globale profondamente diversa. Ed ecco apparire piante, animali, popolazioni, organizzazioni, mercati, spontaneamente emergenti dal basso. Nessun capo, … Continue reading

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Biomimetics: Lessons from Nature – an Overview

Nature has developed materials, objects and processes that function from the macroscale to the nanoscale. These have gone through evolution over 3.8 Gyr. The emerging field of biomimetics allows one to mimic biology or nature to develop nanomaterials, nanodevices and … Continue reading

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Bio-inspired Political Systems – Opening a Field

In this paper we highlight the scopes of engineering bio-inspired political systems, which are political systems based on the properties of life that self-organize the increasing complexity of human social systems. We describe bio-inspired political systems and conjecture about various … Continue reading

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The Future of Complexity Engineering

Complexity Engineering encompasses a set of approaches to engineering systems which are typically composed of various interacting entities often exhibiting self-behaviours and emergence. The engineer or designer uses methods that bene tit from the findings of complexity science and often considerably … Continue reading

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