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Nomadic Swarms of Mobile Learners

This is an old farsighted paper. Since this technology is mobile, students turn “nomad,” carrying conversations and thinking across campus spaces. The socializing powers of mobility and wirelessness expand the drive into collaboration. Should our physically sedentary campuses embrace the … Continue reading

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El Nomadismo

Numerosas monografías, particularmente etnográficas, muestran que el paso de las comunidades a las comunas, y de éstas a entidades administrativas más grandes, hasta llegar al Estado-nación, va acompañado por el nacimiento de un poder tanto más abstracto cuanto más lejano. … Continue reading

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Universidade Nômade

A rede de movimentos que denominamos Universidade Nômade é composta por núcleos, grupos de pesquisa, militantes de pré-vestibulares populares, movimentos culturais, revistas, artistas e etc. Pretendemos constituir uma pauta comum em torno de três grandes temas, todos eles ligados aos … Continue reading

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Geophilosophy and Methodology – Science Education Research in a Rhizomatic Space

In practice, research needs to be messy and heterogeneous. It needs to be messy and heterogeneous, because that is the way it, research, actually is. And also, and more importantly, it needs to be messy because that is the way the … Continue reading

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Circling the Text: Nomadic Writing Practices

The  sixth moment  of  qualitative inquiry demands that researchers rethink traditional definitions  of ethical  research  practices. In  addition,  the  crisis  of representation  demands that researchers rethink the  function of  writing  in qualitative research. In this article, the  author  illustrates how  … Continue reading

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Nomads, Knowmads, Noumads

Nomads have very special relations with space. They go from location to location but never make a location their own. Something is missing from their maps. We may call this missing element a concept of territory, or, a sense of … Continue reading

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Knowmads in Society

Remember nomads? In the pre-industrial age, nomads were people that moved with their livelihood (usually animal herding) instead of settling at a single location. Industrialization forced the settlement of many nomadic peoples…but, something new is emerging in the 21st century: … Continue reading

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Nomadic Education – Variations on a Theme by Deleuze and Guattari

This comprehensive and thoughtful volume is the first book to investigate, assess and apply a philosophy of education drawn from the great French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. It contains powerful and beautiful essays by some of the most influential Deleuze and … Continue reading

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Deleuze, Education and Becoming

Book – This wonderful, highly readable book breaks new ground in revealing commonalities between Gilles Deleuze’s nomadic method of inquiry and the pragmatic method of John Dewey. It should be of great interest to both philosophers and educators. Nel Noddings, … Continue reading

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An Inquiry in to the Ethical Nature of a Deleuzian Creative Educational Practice

In introducing the work of Deleuze and Guattari Massumi says, “A concept is a brick. It can be used to build the courthouse of reason. Or it can be thrown through the window.” Therefore, in taking the Deleuzian view that … Continue reading

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