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American Idol: On Nietzsche in America

American Nietzsche, Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen’s lively history of the reception of Nietzsche’s ideas in the United States, from which I have drawn the preceding quotation about the moral life, wisely devotes its prologue to Emerson’s impact on the philosopher: “Nietzsche used … Continue reading

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Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing

Explores the lifestyle of indigenous peoples of the world who exist in complete harmony with the natural world and with each other. Reveals a model of a society built on trust, patience, and joy rather than anxiety, hurry, and acquisition. … Continue reading

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The Forest People

The Forest People — Colin M. Turnbull’s best-selling, classic work — describes the author’s experiences while living with the BaMbuti Pygmies, not as a clinical observer, but as their friend learning their customs and sharing their daily life. Turnbull conveys … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Borders – The Creation of Nomadic Space Through Travel

International travel provides a unique opportunity for self-exploration and the development of cultural awareness and multidimensional perspectives. The process of removing oneself from familiar surroundings and venturing into foreign and strange lands produces a space where the traveler may consider … Continue reading

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Deleuzean Concepts of Rhizomatic Inquiry and Nomadic Textuality

This paper examines rhetorical constructions of ‘reality’ in selected outdoor/environmental education discourses-practices. Many outdoor/environmental educators privilege philosophical realism coupled with suspicion towards poststructuralism(s) and deconstruction. From a postlogographic position on language, we argue that producing texts is a method of … Continue reading

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A Rhizo-Poiesis – Children’s Play(ing) of Games

What follows is my rhizopoiesis, a conjoining of Trueit’s Play which is more than play and my ideas, nomadically-rhizomatically generating a further disruption of ideas about play as presented in the early childhood literature. My reading-writing-thinking can be perceived, both … Continue reading

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Deleuze & Guattari on Rhizomatic Communications

This paper concentrates on two of the above mentioned French theorists, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, and the ideas found in their seminal work A Thousand Plateaus . A number of contemporary theorists who are focused on computer mediated communication, … Continue reading

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Innovation in Virtual Mobility

According to this innovation paradigm, virtual mobility is close to such concepts as virtual reality and identity experimentalism fostered by the Internet . The Internet can actually be considered as an ‘identity laboratory, overflowing with props, audiences, and players for … Continue reading

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