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The Collective Intelligence of Online Communities

Recent research with face-to-face groups found that a measure of general group effectiveness (called “collective intelligence”) predicted a group’s performance on a wide range of different tasks. The same research also found that collective intelligence was correlated with the individual … Continue reading

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A question of Complexity: Measuring the Maturity of Online Enquiry Communities

Online enquiry communities such as Question Answering (Q&A) websites allow people to seek answers to all kind of questions. With the growing popularity of such platforms, it is important for community managers to constantly monitor the performance of their communities. … Continue reading

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Improving Online Deliberation with Argument Network Visualization

Social media are increasingly used to support online debate and facilitate citizens’ engagement in policy and decision-making. Nevertheless, the online dialogue spaces we see on the Web today typically provide flat listings of comments or threads that can be viewed … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Using Online Communities to Change Behavior

Fortunately, there’s a science behind how to change behavior, and the answer to engagement and behavior change lies in understanding people’s psychology. By addressing people’s psychological needs and reasons for not changing behavior (including their social environments, cultural values, and … Continue reading

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Design to Thrive: Creating Social Networks and Online Communities

Social networks and online communities are reshaping the way people communicate, both in their personal and professional lives. What makes some succeed and others fail? What draws a user in? What makes them join? What keeps them coming back? Entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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