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OPEN: How we’ll Work, Live and Learning in the Future

What makes a global corporation give away its prized intellectual property? Why are Ivy League universities allowing anyone to take their courses for free? What drives a farmer in rural Africa to share his secrets with his competitors? A collection … Continue reading

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Is Community as Important as Content for Online Learning?

Back in 2001, MIT launched OpenCourseWare, a bold idea to put world-class MIT professors’ lectures, syllabi and resources online to the world for free. Today, Open Education Resources (OER) industry leaders are arguing that the free content is only the … Continue reading

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Harvard University’s Scientists to make their research Open Access

University wants scientists to make their research open access and resign from publications that keep articles behind paywalls. Exasperated by rising subscription costs charged by academic publishers, Harvard University has encouraged its faculty members to make their research freely available … Continue reading

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The Edupunks Guide

The Edupunks’ Guide was written to be a first-of-its kind resource for the future of education: a comprehensive guide to learning online and charting a personalized path to an affordable credential using the latest innovative tools and organizations. An edupunk … Continue reading

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DIY U: edupunks, edupreneurs, and the coming transformation of higher education

The price of college tuition has increased more than any other major good or service for the last twenty years. Nine out of ten American high school seniors aspire to go to college, yet the United States has fallen from … Continue reading

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Do it yourself education

Reading Edupunks, Edupreneurs and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education by Anya Kamenetz has been fascinating. It’s a book that has been recommended to me several times over, so it was long overdue that I laid my hands on a … Continue reading

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The University of Wherever

Read For more than a decade educators have been expecting the Internet to transform that bastion of tradition and authority, the university. Digital utopians have envisioned a world of virtual campuses and “distributed” learning. It’s true that online education has … Continue reading

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Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks

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Transforming Asia through Open and Distance Learning

The state of Penang is an example of successful transformation in Asia based on strengthening the rule of law. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is an important vehicle for the education that can underpin this process by expanding the freedoms … Continue reading

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Modeling Spaces for Self-directed Learning at University Courses

This paper conceptualizes the theoretical framework of modeling learning spaces for self-directed learning at university courses. It binds together two ideas: a) self-directed learners’ common learning spaces may be characterized as abstract niches, b) niche characteristics are collectively determined through … Continue reading

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