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The success of open source

Much of the innovative programming that powers the Internet, creates operating systems, and produces software is the result of “open source” code, that is, code that is freely distributed–as opposed to being kept secret–by those who write it. Leaving source … Continue reading

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Formation of Communities of Practice to Promote Openness in Education

Read This article presents the educational experiences of an inter-institutional project that consisted in forming a Community of Practice (CoP) among Mexican educational institutions, in 2009. The main goal of this project was to enrich a catalogue of OER for … Continue reading

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Collective Development in Open-Source Communities – An Activity Theoretical Perspective on Successful Online Collaboration

Read Online collaboration is often organized without strong predetermined rules or central authority, which is why coordination and ways of organizing cooperation become crucial elements of collaboration. This article investigates how online projects can overcome problems of dispersed work, solve … Continue reading

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Open-source software development and distributed innovation

Read Open-source software development is a production model that exploits the distributed intelligence of participants in Internet communities. This model is efficient because of two related reasons: it avoids the inefficiencies of a strong intellectual property regime and it implements … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Brazilian Public Software – Beyond sharing

Read This work presents a case study of an innovative Brazilian experience of use of free software in public administration as an emergent ecosystem, and the attempt to establish a quality framework for that. It describes a new concept: the … Continue reading

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Open Source Democracy

Open Source Democracy: Can collective intelligence, mass collaboration, and large-scale problem solving using open architectures redefine democratic engagement in the 21st Century? Mark Tovey, Michael Nielsen and Hassan Masum will join WICI in exploring the possibilities that information and communication … Continue reading

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